Frequently Asked Questions


1 First Time Login

1.1 Open Login Page

1.2 Enter new user name and password

1.3 Select Challenge Questions

1.4 Change Password

2 Reset Password

2.1 Click on Reset Password link

2.2 Verify User Id

2.3 Answer your challenge questions

3 Application Access

4 Change Password or Challenge Question

5 How to log CA Service Desk Ticket

5.1 Click on CA Service Desk link

5.2 Create a new request

5.3 Fill up request details

5.4 Upload screenshot

6 How to view IP Address of Machine


1         First Time Login

1.1       Open Login Page


Common Login Page for RAPDRP Applications and Beehive Mail for all discom

Figure 1: Common Login Page for RAPDRP Applications and Beehive Mail for all discom

1.2       Enter new user name and password


For Example:

Discom: PGVCL and Employee Number: 2567

Then USER ID = PG2567


Password = USERID@DDMMYYYY (where DDMMYYYY = Date of Birth)

For Example:

Date of Birth: April 20, 1983

Then password = PG2567@20041983 (case sensitive PG is in CAPITAL Letters)


Note: User is not allowed to copy/paste password. Password must be typed.

Oval: 2Oval: 1Login page with credentials

Figure 2: Login page with credentials


1.3       Select Challenge Questions

User will be asked to select minimum 3 challenge questions.

These challenge questions will be helpful in user self service password reset.


Click on check boxes to select question

Click on Select Button to confirm.

Oval: 2Oval: 1Challenge Question Selection

Figure 3: Challenge Question Selection


Enter answers for selected question on next screen.

Click on Save Button

Oval: 2Oval: 1Challenge question's answers

Figure 4: Challenge question's answers

Review and confirm your answers.

Click on OK button.

Oval: 1Challenge question confirmation

Figure 5: Challenge question confirmation

1.4       Change Password

Password must be changed on first login on next screen

Old Password = Default Password i.e. MG2567@20041983

New Password / Confirm Password = new password of your choice.

Minimum 8 alphanumeric characters. (Click on View Password Policy link for password guideline)

Valid password: test1234, test@1234, password123 etc.

Invalid Password: test, test@123, 12345678 (all numbers), pw@@123$ (not enough alphanumeric) etc.


Oval: 3Oval: 2Oval: 1Change password at first login

Figure 6: Change password at first login

User will be logged out after password change.

Logged out after password change

Figure 7: Logged out after password change

Please wait for 5 minutes before login again.

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2         Reset Password

2.1       Click on Reset Password link


Click on Reset password link.

Oval: 1Reset Password Link

Figure 8: Reset Password Link

2.2       Verify User Id

Enter User Id on next screen. Click OK.

Oval: 2Oval: 1Enter username

Figure 9: Enter username

2.3       Answer your challenge questions

Challenge Question and new password prompt will be displayed.

Provide answers given at first login and provide new password and confirm password.

Oval: 3Oval: 2Oval: 1Challenge question/answer and new password

Figure 10: Challenge question/answer and new password

Click resetPassword button.

User will be logged out and following screen will be displayed.

Do not click on Go To Login link.

Close this browser.

Change password confirmation

Figure 11: Change password confirmation

Open a new browser window and login.

Note: If you are not able to reset your password please log a CA Service Desk Ticket from any other users login.

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3         Application Access

Login with User Id and password.

Oval: 1Home page after successful login

Figure 12: Home page after successful login

Here you can see all authorized application links.

Click on Name to access application.

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4         Change Password or Challenge Question

After Login Click on Identity Manager application link

Click on

My Account

         Change Password

         Challenge Q & A

Oval: 1Change password or challenge questions

Figure 13: Change password or challenge questions

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5         How to log CA Service Desk Ticket

Please log your service ticket on CA Service desk for Beehive Mail, MDM, MDAS, GIS, MIS, or DMS application related issues.

In case of Login related issue you can a log ticket from any other users login.

5.1       Click on CA Service Desk link

Oval: 1CA Service Desk link

Figure 14: CA Service Desk link

5.2       Create a new request

Click on Create a New Request link on CA Service Desk application

Oval: 2

CA Service Desk application home page

Figure 15: CA Service Desk application home page

5.3       Fill up request details

Enter required details Phone Number(3), Location(4) and Summary and description(7)

Note: For network / link access related issue please do not forget to provide IP Address(5) to perform remote access.

Oval: 7Oval: 3Oval: 5Oval: 6Oval: 4Problem description

Figure 16: Problem description

Click on Request Area(6)

Select Application category and problem type.

For Example: Link/URL is not working for Beehive Mail.

Then Request Area will be: Application Beehive Link Access Issue

Problem area

Figure 17: Problem area

Enter description(8) and click Save Button(9)

Sandip Patil

Oval: 8Oval: 9

Completed Service request

Figure 18: Completed Service request

Request creation confirmation will be displayed.

Request creation confirmation

Figure 19: Request creation confirmation

5.4       Upload screenshot

To take screenshot of error massage

Press Print Screen on Keyboard when error is displayed on screen.

Open Start Program Accessory Paint

Press CTRL + V.

Save this file.


Click on Request 196058 Created. Click here to view.

Modify service request

Figure 20: Modify service request

Patel, Mahendra


Patel, Mahindra


Add Attachment

Figure 21: Add Attachment

Upload File-1

Figure 22: Upload File-1

Click browse button and select saved screenshot file and upload.

Upload File-2

Figure 23: Upload File-2

Upload File-3

Figure 24: Upload File-3

Click on Save and Close

Upload File Confirmation

Figure 25: Upload File Confirmation

Patel, Mahendra


Patel, Mahendra


Save CA request confirmation

Figure 26: Save CA request confirmation

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6         How to view IP Address of Machine

Click Start Menu Programs Accessories Command Prompt

Click Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt

Figure 27: Start Command Prompt-1


Click Start Menu Run

Type cmd in Open box.

Click OK button.

Click Start Menu -> Run

Figure 28: Start Command Prompt-2

Type ipconfig command in opened window. IP Address will be displayed.

IP Address

Figure 29: IP Address


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